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All harnesses are constructed from colour coded cables of stranded copper wire, insulated with high grade PVC. Wher ever possible the original factory colour coding is followed.

The original type of wire is no longer available but I have sourced the modern equivelent, this is called "thinwall" cable and is the same size of internal copper wire (1mm2) but has a better but thinner insulation. The rated current load is increased to 16.5 amps from 8.75 amps.

These wires are encased in PVC sleeving which has good protection against mechanical damage and good resistance to oil, water and dilute acid. The joints between the sleeving are taped together.

All ends of wires are all finished in suitable connectors which are over soldered to ensure a good joint. All bare wires that go into screw type connectors are solder dipped.

All harnesses are built to order, this means that any variations that you may require for your bike can be incorporated at the building stage. This includes changing positions of switches or other components adding additional lights or indicators or conversion of alternator models to 12 volts.

I can also provide a design service for anyone building a special. I can also supply a suitable switch gear and components and a harness to your exact specification.

To Contact Catmando Services....

The quickest and easiest way is by email <>

You can ring me on 01603 736999 or 07717 173575 please leave a message on the answerphone as I can not always answer if working or driving.

Write to me at 21 Chapel Lane, Coltishall, Norwich, NR12 7DR please enclose your phone number or email address to enable me to get back to you quickly.

I can be contacted through Facebook, type "Catmando Services" into search bar and "like" the page, you will be able to see my current projects and ask questions.


Terms and Conditions


1.All goods are supplied in good faith and are deemed correct given the information supplied.

2. All orders over £30 must be paid for in advance either by cheque or Paypal unless a regular customer. Orders under £30 will be dispatched on credit at our discression.

3. All goods dispatched on credit will be subject to full settlement within 7 days. Any monies outstanding at the end of the month will be subject to a 10% handling charge. The handling charge will be recharged each month until the amount is settled in full.

4. UK Postal charges are based on weight, size and destination, as most items are too big to go letter rate, they have to go parcel rate, it is one price up to 750 grams.Any orders under £25 will be subject to delivery charges of £5 UK Inland, £10 Airmail. Any unusually heavy items may be subject to a delivery surcharge depending on the value of the order, please ask for details.

5. All goods correctly supplied but returned for refund will be sujbect to minimum 10% restocking charge. Items on special order (non stock items) can not be returned.

6. All prices quoted are correct at time of publishing but no responsibility can be accepted if suppliers increase their costs.




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