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Standard Harnesses For British Bikes

Catmando Services manufacture a range of standard harnesses that covers a wide range of British bikes


Overseas Add Airmail Charge
This is suitable for most magneto/ dynamo models with the switch panel in the tank. This is many of the 1930's bikes.
This is suitable for magneto/dynamo bikes with the horn mounted in front of the engine.
Similar to 900562 but for bikes with horn located behind the engine.
For alternator/coil ignition bikes with Lucas PRS8 type switch
For alternator/coil ignition singles with Lucas SA88 type switches
For alternator/magneto twins with Lucas SA88 type light switch.
For 6 volt alternator/coil ignition twins with Lucas SA88 type switches
For 12volt alternator/magneto twins with Lucas SA88 type switch between speedo and rev counter.
For 12volt alternator/coil ignition twins with Lucas SA88 type switches between speedo and rev counter.

For alternator/coil ignition bikes with twin headlamp mounted switches with Wipac electrics. Select your bike as component layout varies.

This loom is not suitable for bikes fitted with 2T type engines where the ignition switch is on the crankcase. Contact us for availability of suitable harness.


Wiring Looms for Foreign Bikes

Due to the wide range of bikes and layouts of componentson these bikes, even on the same model with different specs, and the fact a lot of the plastic connector blocks were never supplied as spare parts I can only supply these looms if you can supply me the old loom as a pattern and donor for the plugs and the correct wiring diagram for your bike.

I make the new loom with correct colour wires as far as possible, use the correct Japanese bullets and use new connectors in the plastic connector blocks. I make all connections outside of the loom (unlike the soldered on "flying leads" on the original) which cuts down the likeyhood of failures.

The cost of these looms is between £120 and £150, a £70 deposit is required on order with the balance paid before dispatch, payment can be made by cheque sent with the old loom or by Paypal here.Payment by Paypal will reserve you a place in my production schedule.



Make, Model and year of bike
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To Contact us for a Wiring Harness

to suit your bike please email

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01603 736999



Additional Compensation



All harnesses for bikes with either Lucas SA88 or Wipac type switches come
complete with pattern sockets attached that plug straight onto the switches.

UK postage included,overseas Airmail add £5.00 per harness. Please contact us for postage charges for multiply harnesses or other carriers to overseas destinations.



Don't forget to add Airmail Postage charge if you live outside of the UK.

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